Fri 6 - 27 - 2014

The New Replay Poker Gets Two New Features!

Earlier this month we officially launched the new Replay Poker design and the feedback we’ve received from everyone so far has been really great. If you haven’t been convinced to switch over to the new design so far, these two new features we released just might do the trick.

Buy Chips for a Friend!

This is something the community has asked for many times, so we’re really excited to see this feature go live. Now if you want to show your appreciation to a fellow player, or help out a friend, you can purchase chips and have them directly deposited into a friends account. To do so, click the Buy for a Friend button on the Get Chips page and you’ll see an option to select one of your friends as the recipient.




Report a Player

While we certainly hope that you don’t encounter any conflicts at the tables, the reality is that people are people and we all come from different walks of life. In the event that you need to report someone for an inappropriate username, avatar, game chat, or any other reason, now you have a tool to do so directly on a player’s profile page.


On the right side of every player’s profile, you’ll now see a Report Player button. Clicking that brings up a popup window with various reasons you can select and a required description area to let us know why you’re reporting them.


The email goes straight to our support staff and someone will look into the report right away.

To check out these new features and more, head on over to the new Replay Poker today. We’d love to know what you think!

The Replay Poker Team

Thu 6 - 05 - 2014

New Replay Poker Design - Ready for Playing!


Remember that new design we teased you with a couple months ago? Well we’ve been hard at work ironing out some of the kinks and making adjustments based on the initial feedback we received during its brief appearance back in April. Now we’re super excited to give you full access to the latest version of Replay Poker!

- What’s New -

In addition to a completely new look and feel, a few of the areas within Replay Poker have been shown some love…

Speed Improvements

We’ve made a lot of tweaks behind the scenes to speed things up significantly. Now page loads should be virtually unnoticeable as you navigate the site and game tables will open and connect before you can say “full house.”

UX Improvements

Now tournament lobby pages update in real-time, so you can keep up to speed on what’s happening in a tournament without having to worry about focusing the lobby window.

Speaking of lobbies, the main lobby now remembers the different filters that you set for sorting the lobby view. So if you access your account from a different browser or computer, those lobby settings will remain the same.


In addition to these game lobby and main lobby improvements, you now have the option to register for tournaments using either a ticket or the required amount of chips for the buy-in. So if you were saving that ticket for something else, now you don’t *have* to use it in order to play.


Access More Data From Your Player History

With this new website, you can now access your complete chip transaction history for your account. Wonder no more whether or not those chips were deposited to your account when you left that last table. You’ll now be able to keep tabs on all the transactions made to and from your account.


On top of your chip history, you’ll be able to see the notification history for your account. Instead of trying to read a tiny popup, you can visit your notifications page and browse all of the notifications you’ve received.

Ready for Playing

We encourage you to switch over today to the new design. In the coming weeks we plan on switching over everyone to it, but first we wanted to get your feedback and give you plenty of time to adjust.

Known Issues

If you use avast! Antivirus Software for Windows and you have the Chrome extension installed, this seems to cause extreme slowdowns on the beta site.

We sure are excited to hear what you think of the new Replay Poker. To get started, simply visit in your browser and log in to your account. We’ve also added buttons to the top of the current site, and the top of the dashboard on the new site, to switch between the two versions.

Feel free to leave any feedback for us here in the comments, or you can always contact us at

The Replay Poker Team

Mon 9 - 16 - 2013

New Tournament Ticket System to be released!

Dear players,

The tournament tokens will see some changes as a better system based on tournament tickets will be implemented in the next few days.

This new tournament ticket system will offer broader possibilities for promotions and will help in improving the poker room overall.

Please be advised that due to those changes, your current tokens will be converted in tickets or chips. Please see below the exchange rate.

Red Tokens: One token will be exchanged against 10,000 chips.
Blue Tokens: Two tokens will be exchanged against a 15,000 Sunday Million Ticket. If you have an odd number of tokens, the remaining one will be exchanged against 7,500 chips.

All the best of luck at the tables,

- The Replay Poker Team

Mon 9 - 16 - 2013

Johndqqq, League of Legends Champion!

The Replay Poker Online Series is now over and we have our first League of Legends Champion in Johndqqq!

After 8 days of competition and 16 tournaments, Johndqqq finishes on top of the League of Legends Leaderboard with 238,524 points. This is an outstanding achievement, especially after winning the National Day Freeroll Series Leaderboard in July.

This is 36,204 more points than the runner-up, 1roofer1 who showed great consistency in both RPOS satellites and events.

Congratulations to both of them!!  we can’t wait to see those two in the RPOS second edition!


Below are the League of Legends winners and their prizes. Congratulations to all of them!


Thanks to all of you who took part to this promotion.

- The Replay Poker Team

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Mon 9 - 16 - 2013

JamesEdRoss: King of Satellites!

JamesEdRoss impressed everyone in the RPOS Satellite Fever last two weeks.  Not only he matches rjrk1958 Satellite fever record earning 12 tokens over 7 days, he also made an incredible back to back winning both Satellite Fever Week 4 and Week 5!!

A huge congrats to JamesEdRoss for this exceptional performance!

Please see below Week 4 and Week 5 other winners.

Week 4 Results


Week 5 Results


Thanks everyone for taking part to the Satellite Fever. This will come back soon enough to bring always more action on Replay Poker.

The Replay Poker Team

PS: For more information regarding the RPOS Satellite Fever, please check the promotion page.

Mon 8 - 26 - 2013

Crum1850 and Descman are our Satellite Fever Week 3 Winners!

The Satellite Fever week 3 is now history and for the first time we have two winners! Congratulations to Crum1850 and Descman who ended up equals with 8 red tokens earned. They share the two top prizes and win 250,000 chips each.


Good Luck Everyone for the Week 4 and don’t miss out the Replay Poker Online Series,  kicking off this coming Sunday September 1st!

The Replay Poker Team

PS: For more information regarding the RPOS Satellite Fever, please check the promotion page.

Mon 8 - 19 - 2013

Rjrk1958 wins Satellite Fever Week 2!

The Satellite Fever week 2 is now over. Rjrk1958 grabs the top spot with a new high record of 12 red tokens earned in a week. 

Congratulations to him and to all participants. 


Good luck for the Satellite Fever week 3!

The Replay Poker Team

PS: For more information regarding the RPOS Satellite Fever, please check the promotion page.

Mon 8 - 12 - 2013

Satellite Fever Week 1 ends as Celbert brings the bacon back home

The Satellite Fever week 1 just finished and  it’s Celbert who stepped up and won the top prize of 300,000 chips. To claim the first spot, he earned 8 tokens,  two more than buttcrack, our runner-up for this week.

Congratulations to both of them and to all players who took part to this first Satellite Fever


Good Luck Everyone for the Week 2, and the action starts today!

The Replay Poker Team

PS: For more information regarding the RPOS Satellite Fever, please check the promotion page.

Tue 7 - 09 - 2013

Johndqqq is our National Day Freeroll Series Champion!

Congratulations to Johndqq for finishing on top of the the National Day Freeroll Series Leaderboard! He takes back home 1,000,000 in Chips!

It has been quite a fight for the top spot as only 265 points separate him from friendoffur. Congratulations to him too and to all players who went deep in this competition.

Below are the top 10 finishers:


Click here to see the rest of the Leaderboard.

-Replay Poker Team

Wed 7 - 03 - 2013

5 Million National Day Freeroll Series!

Join us and celebrate US Independence Day from Thursday July 4th to Sunday July 7th with an exclusive freeroll tournament series!

With 8 exclusive freerolls and a tournament leaderboard tracking the best performers in the series, there are 5 million chips up for grabs and for FREE!

On top of that we’re giving away 20% extra chips with any chip package purchased over the promotion period.

National Day Freeroll Series Schedule


National Day Freeroll Series Leaderboard Prizes


All freeroll tournaments are now open for registration in the MTT lobby. So what are you waiting for? Register now!

Click here to see the latest leaderboard. 

* Please note the formula used to calculate the leaderboard is the usual Replay Poker formula. Please find all the details here.

** The Leaderboard will be updated every hour during the promotion.

We wish you the best of luck at the tables,

- Replay Poker Team