Mon 9 - 29 - 2014

Introducing the Asian League!

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new monthly leaderboard called the Asian League! You guys loved the American and European League promotions so much that we wanted to do something special for our friends on the other side of the globe. :)

The Asian League has two daily tournaments, each with guaranteed prize pools:


And every month the Top 18 finishers on the leaderboard will share an additional prize of 2M chips! (Check it out here)

Cheers and good luck!

Mon 9 - 08 - 2014

Leaderboard Winners - August 2014

Another month has passed and another group of players has fought their way to the top of the leaderboards. Join us in congratulating all of our leaderboard winners for the month of August!

MTT Tournament Leaderboards

Low Stake (view leaderboard)


  1. capled
  2. retiredgimp
  3. yike

Medium Stake (view leaderboard)


  1. Saadia
  2. hobby1
  3. crum1850

Sit ‘n Go Tournament Leaderboards

Low Stake (view leaderboard)


  1. seriola
  2. Barry12450
  3. plazpoker

Medium Stake (view leaderboard)


  1. seriola
  2. BigBuddha
  3. amw

American League (view leaderboard)


  1. hobby1
  2. cavegator1
  3. nfljps

European League (view leaderboard)


  1. hobby1
  2. Galak
  3. friscoslet

Great job everyone! Until next time, good luck at the tables.

Tue 9 - 02 - 2014

Let’s Be Friends!

Every Wednesday in September, we’re hosting a series of exclusive FREE tournaments to show appreciation to our Facebook friends! When you Like us on Facebook you get access to a special passcode that grants you entry into our exclusive Freerolls. The schedule is as follows:

The Wednesday tournaments will feature a 300K prize pool and the final tournament on Sunday, September 28th, will bump up to ONE MILLION CHIPS.

The passcode changes every week, so be sure to come back and check our Facebook Page so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Read more about how we can be friends on our promotion page.

Mon 8 - 25 - 2014

Battle of Replay Poker Winners!

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our first ever Battle of Replay Poker! After seven grueling days of battle, only a small number of players emerged victorious. Please join us in congratulating the top 5 finishers!

  1. cincinnatikid (920,000 prize)
  2. smooth99 (640,000 prize) 
  3. digger51 (486,000 prize)
  4. paulsim (360,000 prize)
  5. owlady (240,000 prize)  

And don’t forget to check out who all made the Top 18!

Well done everyone! Until next time, may the flop be with you.

Mon 8 - 11 - 2014

Time to Celebrate and Prepare for Battle!


Happy Monday! Today we kick off two new promotions featuring special tournaments that run for the next two weeks.

Time for Celebration

From August 11th through August 15th, celebrate the great game of poker with a series of special tournaments including DOUBLE Freerolls, DOUBLE Guarantees, and fun-filled knockouts!

Check out the full schedule over on our promotion page.

Battle of Replay Poker

From August 18th through August 24th, compete with the community in the first ever Battle of Replay Poker! Running for 7 days with 6 exclusive tournaments every day, there will be plenty of action and chips to be won. The more people, the bigger the prize pools, so rally your troops and prepare for battle!

Be sure to visit the promotion page for the full battle schedule and to keep tabs of your spot on the leaderboard.

Best of luck and may the flop be with you!