Tue 6 - 04 - 2013

Replay Poker now playable in 6 more languages

We’re pleased to announce, that as of today, you can play at ReplayPoker in the following additional languages:

Danish - da.replaypoker.com
Finish - fi.replaypoker.com
French - fr.replaypoker.com
Hungarian - hu.replaypoker.com
Italian - it.replaypoker.com
Spanish - es.replaypoker.com

If you speak one of these six languages, please do change your language settings and take it for a spin. If you spot any issues, please do report them to us and if you’d like to join our translation teams to make adjustments yourselves, we’d love to have you. Just drop us a line!

A big thank you to our dedicated team of translators for making this possible: lisbethachr, fflyki, monkeyman69, separi, 3finger, s1mon25, marcipan, jankularb, Marco_Dee, dannythedog and avillax

That means ReplayPoker is translated into a total of nine languages, with more on the way!


- Replay Poker Team

Thu 4 - 04 - 2013

New Replay Poker - Officially Live!

We’re super excited to flick the switch and go live with new Replay Poker website for everyone.

It was a few weeks ago when we launched the beta version and since then we’ve collected heaps of great feedback from players and been busy ironing out any wrinkles. 

The new website is a big step forward for Replay Poker. We’re utilizing some of the latest web technologies* to bring the very best possible gaming experience for our players.

One of the biggest updates is the new sortable, filterable, real-time lobby which shows all ring games on a single page and lets you preview the table. Now if your friends joins a table or tournament you’ll know about it straight away! We’ve also added new features like the friends leaderboard and statistics chart on the dashboard and made improvements to existing features like messaging.

As always, we really value your feedback, so we’ve created a topic in the community support forum where you can share your likes, dislikes, issues and suggestion. Please do so!

If you’re not someone that particularly likes change then you’ll be pleased to hear that for now you can still access the old familiar website by clicking the “Back to Old Replay Poker” button at the top of every page or just by following this link: http://old.replaypoker.com


- Replay Poker Team

Note, that we’re aware that players using Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions maybe not get the optimal experience from the new site. Unfortunately these browsers are quite old now and aren’t designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies. We’ll be working on some optimization techniques to improve performance, but we strongly advise you to upgrade your browser to either Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or better still switch to Google Chrome, our recommended browser!

Fri 3 - 29 - 2013

Crazy Carrot Challenge

Join the fun this Easter with our Crazy Carrot Challenge

Collect a carrot for every player that you knock out from any MTT or Sit & Go tournament* this weekend (Friday midnight to Sunday midnight ET).

The players with the highest number of carrots win** the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: Gold Carrot worth 1 Million Chips
  • 2nd Place: Silver Carrot worth 300K Chips
  • 3rd to 10th Places: Bronze Carrots worth 100K Chips

We’ve set up a special leaderboard that’s updated every 30 mins, so you can keep track of who’s winning:


If you have any questions, feel free to comment here on the blog or in our community support forum.

Happy Easter everyone!

- Replay Poker Team

* Headsup SnG tournaments aren’t included as it would make it too easy to collect carrots.

** Prizes will be awarded before midnight ET on Monday, 1st April.

Fri 3 - 15 - 2013

St. Patrick’s Multi-Million Weekend!


Join us this weekend for some St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

We’re giving away 20% extra chips + free green tokens with ALL 
chip packages purchased and on Satruday & Sunday we’re hosting a special 5 MILLION prize pool step tourney.

We’ve set this up as a Steps Tournament so that everyone has a free chance to win.

If you’ve never played one before, it works like this:

Step 1 - Qualifier Tournament

  • Saturday, 4pm ET (1pm PT, 8pm GMT)
  • Entry is Free
  • Top 10 players win 4 Green Tokens
  • Top 11-25 players win 2 Green Tokens

Step 2 - Qualifier Tournament

  • Saturday, 10pm ET (7pm PT, 2am GMT)
  • Entry is 10,000 play chips or 2 Green Token
  • Top 10 players win 4 Green Tokens
  • Top 11-25 players win 2 Green Tokens

Step 3 - St. Patrick’s Multi-Million Tournament

  • Sunday, 4pm ET (1pm PT, 8pm GMT)
  • Entry is 4 Green Tokens or 100,000 play chips
  • 1st Place wins 2 Million Chips, 2nd Place wins 1 Million Chips
  • Top 3-20 players win a share of 2 Million Chips

We’re also giving away free green tokens with every 
chip package purchased:

  • Less than $10 = 2 green tokens (free entry to Step 2)
  • $10 or more = 4 green tokens (free entry to Step 3)

These great deals are available now from the Get Chips page until Sun, Mar 17th at 4:20pm ET, so don’t miss out. If you have any questions, head over to the support topic we’ve created in the community forums

We wish you all the luck of the Irish on this special St. Patricks Day weekend!

- Replay Poker Team

Wed 2 - 27 - 2013

New Replay Poker - Beta Launch

After months of work, we’re super excited to unveil the brand new Replay Poker website for beta testing, and more importantly, your feedback!

Head over now to the Community Forums to read the full announcement and get your paws on the new site..



- Replay Poker Team

Mon 12 - 31 - 2012

Happy New Year

This festive season has been the most fun ever!…

We kicked things off on Dec 21st with our End of the World Tours: a blow-out 50K buy-in/50K prize pool bonus.

Thankfully, we survived and celebrated in style with four Christmas Day Freerolls and a massive 20 million chip giveaway. 

Well, there’s still one pretty big party to go, so we’re super excited to announce the New Year Bounty Special tours! 

  • 2 Million Chips Prize Pool
  • 5,000 Chips Buy-In
  • 5,000 Chips Bounty* for Knocking Out a Player!

The fun is scheduled for New Year’s Day at 09:00, 14:00 and 20:00 EST (15:00, 20:00 and 02:00 CET), we hope you can make it!

We wish you every happiness, health and prosperity for 2013! 

- Replay Poker Team

*Each time you knock out a player by winning at the showdown (and your opponent losing their last chips) you’ll win a bounty of 5,000 chips. So, if you knock out 10 players, you’ll win 50,000 chips! That’s in addition to any prizes you win from the 2 million prize pool for placing in the top 15 places.

Fri 11 - 30 - 2012

New 10K Referral Bonus, Resizable Tables & Greyed Out, Folded Cards

We asked for your opinions on how to improve Replay Poker and you gave us some great feedback. Thanks to everyone that shared their ideas on our recent survey, we read each and every reply and there were some awesome suggestions!

The three most requested features were:

  1. Give away more free chips!

    -  You can now gain 4x as many play chips when you invite a friend to RP, from 2,500 chips to 10,000 chips! 
  2. Resize the table so I can play full screen

    - We managed to figure out a way to resize the poker table just by changing the size of the pop-up browser window. Try it now!

  3. Show my folded cards at the table (greyed out)

    - We’re adding this next week!

We’ve also made a change to the game chat which we think you’re going to love. Now if you scroll up in the chat to catch something you missed, it stays right where you left it and only shows you the recent chat when you scroll back down. Much better!

- Replay Poker Team

Thu 11 - 29 - 2012

Don’t be the short stack at the table

Being short stacked means you have less chips than the rest of the players at the table and therefore less room to make plays.

We’ve just launched three new features on Replay Poker to help you avoid getting into this situation. We hope you like them!

1. Auto Top-Up

Now when you sit down at a table you have the option to turn on ‘Auto Top-Up’. What this means is that whenever your table stack falls below your buy-in at the table, we automatically top you up from the total chips in your account (only, of course, if you have chips available).

This way you’ll never be sat with less chips at the table than your buy-in.


2. Manual Top-Up

Now at any time during a ring game, you can click the box of chips at the table, where it says 'ADD CHIPS', and top-up your chips at the table:


Please note that you can only add chips when you’re not in play in the current hand, ie. you’ve already folded or sat out. Also, you can’t add more chips than the maximum allowed for the table. So if the buy-in is between 1000 and 1500 chips, and you had 800 chips, the maximum you could bring is 700 chips to bring your stack up to the table max: 1500.

3. More control over Auto Features

Firstly if you visit your Settings page you can set your default preference for the auto features and this applies to all the different ways of sitting at a table:


Secondly, in the same way you can manually add chips during play, you can now change your auto settings during play, just by clicking the box of chips at the table that says 'ADD CHIPS' and updating your preferences there.

As always we relish your feedback so please tell us what you think either here on the blog comments, or in our support forums.

-Replay Poker Team

Thu 11 - 22 - 2012

Black Friday Sale!

It’s time to turbo charge your bankroll with Replay Poker’s Black Friday Sale.

Save up to 60% on all our play chip packages. Gain access to the prestigious high stake tables and tournaments to play against the best.

50,000 chips ($5 / $3 - 30% OFF
100,000 chips ($10 / $7 - 30% OFF)
250,000 chips ($20 / $12 - 40% OFF)
1 million chips ($50 / $25 - 50% OFF)
2 million chips ($100 / $50 - 50% OFF)
4 million chips ($150 / $60 - 60% OFF

As a Special Bonus for Black Friday we’re giving away 2 Blue Tokens with every purchase! You can use these to gain automatic entry to our Sunday Million tournament and compete for a prize pool of 1 Million Chips, 5 Million Chips! Yes, this weekend only, we’re increasing the prize pool 500% on both tournaments!

These amazing deals are available on the Get Chips page from November 23rd at 12am Midnight and will only last 24 hours, so don’t miss out! .

Happy Thanksgiving,

- Replay Poker Team

Please note to take advantage of the discounted rates above you’ll need to pay by credit card.

Thu 11 - 08 - 2012

Replay Poker now in Dutch!

Did you spot the new Dutch language option last week?

The only reason we didn’t announce it earlier is because we were still testing the translations and updating those that were still missing. Well, today we’ve completed that work and we’re 100% translated into Dutch! Woooot!

So, if you’re one of our many Dutch players, then you can head over now to your Settings to switch language:


Also, if you’re a dutch speaking visitor to Replay Poker we’ve created a special domain just for you:  http://nl.replaypoker.com.

A big thank you to our Dutch translators: PunisherGielos and Happiness, who without there help, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Our next goal is to get Replay Poker translated into French and Spanish. If you speak either of these langauges, then please do get in touch!

- The Replay Poker Team