Wed 11 - 07 - 2012

New Lobby Game Stats

We’ve just made it a little bit easier to decide on which poker table to sit at, with the addition of three new table stats to our poker lobby:


Avg Pot

- The average pot per game at this table, for the last 50 hands.

It helps give an indication of how much action the players at the table are giving. Whether the game is quiet and tight without a lot of raising (small pots) or loose and crazy (big pots).The higher this figure is, the greater the amount of money you can expect to win when you make a good hand. A game with large pots isn’t necessarily better, but many players prefer these games as they believe that large pots is a good indicator of easy competition, eg. unskilled poker players.

Avg Stack 

- The average number of chips a player has available at this table, for the last 50 hands.

It helps to know what the average stack size of the other players at the table is, when deciding how much you want to bring yourself to the table.


- The average number of hands dealt to the table per hour. 

It helps determine the speed of the game, whether a table is slow or fast moving.The higher limit games tend to play faster, both because players fold earlier and play more quickly. In general, a fast game can be more fun to play at, but can also indicate tougher competition.

As always we really appreciate your feedback, both here on our blog, and in the support forums.

- The Replay Poker Team